About you equal love


You Equal Love is a 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization created in 2002 by artist, author, and Air Force veteran T. Klinkhamer.

"You equal love" is our message and our slogan is "equal rights equals peace." Our goal is to encourage all humans from around the globe to act with kindness and compassion equally while maintaining a respectful awareness towards one another's differences.

The "You=Love" book series, written by T. Klinkhamer and illustrated by Dean Cercone Jr., is one of the main tools we use to promote our message and achieve our goal of world peace.

You=Love is an empowering equation and an affirmation intended to promote autonomy, self-esteem, peace, free education, and equal rights for all humans. You=Love means anti-bullying and suicide prevention. You=Love means you are a love generator! We invite you to join our cause to effect greater peace and equal love by helping us broadcast the You=Love message.

The You=Love equation has been translated into 104 different languages, and we have distributed tens of thousands of You=Love stickers along with hundreds of You=Love coloring books to underprivileged children here in the U.S. and internationally.

If you are interested in having You Equal Love get involved with your school or organization, please contact us via the email and social media icons on this page.